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November 5th, 2021

KLSinMKE – Float Oasis

January 9th, 2021

Check out KLSinMKE vlog on lip injections done by Sweet-Tox!

July 19th, 2018

$38 Million wasted…way to go Burberry! 

Luxury fashion label, Burberry slammed for burning roughly $38 million on their leftover-unsold goods….what?!

It’s interesting to read the reports and how it explains that the company has donated what they could, recycle, and reduce revenue of waste.  However, Burberry decides to burn the rest of what they cannot sell due to copyrights, counterfeiting, lawsuits..etc.

The Fashion industry is a tough market and industry to be affiliated with.  The new and fade of: style, print, colors, material, pattern, and construction. Now, there are plenty of thoughts that come to this point.  Designers, research, what the market can and or cannot afford, target market, quality, and cost of production/construction can all affect designers, labels, and retailers.  Which brings me to the fact as to why more consumers are shopping online vs at retail stores.  Face it, you walk into one store, you find the same idea in the next 10 stores and cannot find what you are really looking for.

So, why burn the $38 Million of fashionable goods and not turn it around and help others?  If a fan of Burberry, and purchased $50 Burberry scarf to have the high fashion label turn the table and give it to people in need for a donation?

My point; there are many men, woman, and children who are less fortunate and could use the donations from others as much as possible.  Giving away a $400 Burberry coat for a donation I can see is ideally odd when consumers pay for that product.  Why not cut the fabrics and put the fabrics together to make a different garment and or accessory.  There are many people in this world that could use a blanket-despite if the fabrics sewn together could be 20 different fabric pieces from 20 different Burberry apparel. Unsold stock just needs to be donated vs just burning the goods.

Whats interesting is there are numerous of companies out there who toss out merchandise/goods that are broken, unsold, overstock, into their dumpsters vs donating.  Some due to the overstock and or company policies. The large cosmetic retailer Ulta for a true example will toss out boxes of shampoo with cracked pumps that only goes to a landfill vs giving it to a shelter which could use shampoo for those in need. There is no shipping destroyed products back to corporate for corporate to donate, it’s just let’s make it easy and toss the product away. A doll with a missing arm that maybe thrown away could mean the world to a young girl who maybe without an arm herself.

It’s given.  Need to start thinking outside the box, take the footsteps to go higher, and help others.  Inspire other people and companies to do the same. There are people out there that are less fortunate and or have lost everything they had own due to a home fire. Every little bit counts!  Burberry, along with many others I’m sure is the “all about me” label.

Interesting topic…

March 11th, 2018

Go Float!

If you are looking to relax, heal your mind, body and soul, you’re in for a deal! Basically, you are floating in salt water (which allows your body to effortlessly float in water) in an open, enclosed pool, or pod.  Floating in salt water therapeutically relaxes and heals your body peacefully for may reasons. I’m all about zen and relaxation methods myself!


A couple of years ago, Float Milwaukee opened in the Fifth Ward.  Having interest, I never did book an appointment and should have with the great price.  Sadly, the company increased their prices over time and thought to myself, “Eh, I’m not going to spend the money on it.”  Luckily, a different float company had recently opened for business in Brookfield earlier this month with a better deal-for right now at least. Fingers crosses as they don’t increase prices in floating.  Each company has their price deals.

Today at 9am, I went for my very first float at Float Oasis Spa in Brookfield and feel the need to promote and blog regarding my visit and experience.  I booked an enclosed pool for a 60 minute float.  Thinking that I know it will take a bit of time to get relaxed once starting to float and wanted the extra time to be relaxed.  Now, because its their grand opening, within the 2 weeks until March 16th, its $10 off your visit. Gotta take the deal! Best to arrive 15 minutes early to check in and get settled.  Upon walking through the doors, you will hear very settle spa music and amazing flooring!  The company leads you to use the restroom before your session.  Here’s where it gets interesting and fun! As I go to open the toilet seat-it opens automatically! Oh, it gets better!  The toilet seat is heated as you will then notice a panel of buttons on the wall which controls the dual flushing and drying while sitting down. Talk about technology, this is a great start to a spa experience!

29103998_2049259635089112_4828115214383710208_nWhen entering your private float room, there is very dimmed blue lighting for relaxation (picture above is the blue dimmed lighting, picture below is with the dimmed blue lighting off and room lights on).


Definitely make sure you let the company know it is your first time floating and they will walk you through it.  Must shower before to remove any body oils, lotion, hair conditioner, fragrances that may be on the body, skin, and or hair.  The Shower is outside of the enclosed structure in picture. The company will allow 5min to prepare for your float and 5-10min to wrap up outside of your scheduled float time. Your given a big towel, couple hand towels, bathrobe, ear plugs to use to avoid salt water in your ear (recommended). It is best to float nude (no different from taking a bath) otherwise you can use swimwear. Once in the enclosed pool, you have the option of keeping the dimmed blue light on, or turning it off.  I turned it off of course where then it is dark and when you do-you will notice the stars on the roof of the float pool.  You then need to let your body relax and float on your back for the rest of the duration. If you fall alseep, its ok, you will never drown.  There is also an emergency button you can press if needed which will alert the front desk and will intercom you over the speaker in your room to talk. Floating is the best relaxation I have ever done in my life!  It did take a bit to get relaxed once started, but I can definitely tell you I did Zzzzzzzz on and off.  This is unlike sleeping in a bed where your tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. You don’t need to here-your floating!  Your body is that well relaxed.  If by any chance you may get salt in your eyes, there is a hand towel near by and a squirt bottle with normal water to flush.  I didn’t have any issues with salt in my eyes.  Also, try not to taste salt water.  Once your time is up, there will be a door bell ring and lights will turn on.  Therefore, you will shower inside the room (shampoo, conditioner, and body soap) provided to cleanse the salt water off.  Once your wrapped up with clothing back on, you can then head into the vanity room where there will be lotion, brush, hair dryer, cotton balls/q-tips…etc.


Staff was very helpful and friendly.  This was a great experience! I would more so recommend booking a float after a long, stressful, crazy day, and when you are tired.  I did mine at 9am (still nice, but I’d rather do it when I’m more sleepy vs awake first thing in the morning). Maybe book a float in the morning if you didn’t sleep good at night.  As of right now, this location does not offer overnight floating due to the City of Brookfield business regulations (which Float Oasis is trying to work out a deal with the city).  I only asked because I didn’t see the offer listed on the website compared to Float Milwaukee which does overnight floats.  I at some point will definitely do an overnight float.

Before booking your float, review the Q&A and look over the waiver document.  There is information that will be helpful. You can easily end up paying for a heavy fine due to inappropriate use (example: floating after dying your hair) which can ruin the pool. Understandable. The pools are cleaned after each float.  I’m not going to go through the rules, info…etc. You’ll have to visit the website for more information.

Deals…deals…deals-take advantage!

Up until March 16th, its $10 off your float due to their grand opening discount. Mondays are 50% off all floats. Floatcash! Everytime you float, you will receive $10 floatcash for future floats and $5 extra floatcash for paying in full with cash. (transaction with cards through electronic devices does cost for a company to use).  Earn float cash! For liking Float Oasis Facebook page and sharing ($5 per week), $5 for checking-in on Facebook to the location, $10 referrals, $10 reviews.

This is a great business idea!  Why should the company pay for advertisement when customers can advertise for them and get deals on going for doing so! A great way for a business to say thank you!

floataround_open_float_poolI highly recommend floating!  Best to do it by yourself vs floating with a friend (which you can).  Do it for relaxation for you!  I can’t see myself floating with someone next to me as it would be distracting. Everyone has their own opinions though. While some items are provided for floaters afterwards, you may want to bring your own hair brush, deodorant, travel sized kleenex, and hair ties. Now, I’m not sure how big the float pools are, I’m 5’2” so I fit in there with lots of extra room.  However, if you’re a very tall basketball player, I’m thinking you won’t fit.  If you’re a tall person, you may want to question the company before scheduling to find out the dimensions.

This experience was amazing and well worth it!  You must go!  I’ll definitely be back very soon!


Visit Float Oasis Spa’s website here

Note: photos posted on my blog were taken from Float Oasis’s website and social media except my selfie. 

March 26th, 2016

New & Now Fashion and Beauty Event

Newest and upcoming fashions, exclusive coupons, and locally around the corner…what more can you ask for?  BonTon corporation-Boston Store has got it for you all year around. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter events that you, yourself can attend!  Fashion stylist and expert Jordan Dechambre will guide you into this years best and what is suitable for your body type. George Brescia who was this year’s special guest presented the Jones New York collection. I will also agree with Jordan on this one-he did look amazing in his bold red shoes at the event in Brookfield, WI. Kudos!

This is my second time attending the New & Now fashion and Beauty event and won’t be the last.  As there is nothing wrong with this, though more of the attendees seem to be well over the age of 50.  I will always wonder why students who are majoring in fashion are not attending these shows.  A fashion major/graduate myself, I was already working backstage for New & Now assisting the models getting dressed in between their runs, thank you to Boston Store of course.  This is a foot in the door into this industry.  I would however, expect more of the consumers to dress more professionally and fashionable as they are attending a fashion event.  It is very well disappointing, but then again, this is Wisconsin after all.

Lets get back on track to what was introduced for Spring/Summer 2017!  What was really cool is mixing comfortable lounge sweat pants and a fashionable top.  This was displayed for both men and women at the event (mens look seen in photo below). My top favorite female look was the Jones New York tunic in Mandarin and Jones New York striped capri Pants in multi colored (seen in photo below). I can’t spoil you with all the photos from the event.  If you are interested-you must check out the event! It is highly recommended!

Some of my top favorites from this years collection:

New & Now events are still going on in other states in the Midwest.  Visit Boston Store events here to reserve your seat! 

January 18th, 2016

Travel in Style

The time is getting close, the lineups are getting announced for the music festivals to start.  With that in mind, I pulled some of my top favorite pics that I have pinned on Pinterest regarding traveling in style. Minus the sunglasses, unless you’re a celebrity that uses the shades to keep the flashes from blinding you-I get it.

It’s the feeling, when you look good and important, you feel good and important.  Now, I’m not wanting you to proclaim yourself as a celebrity, just wear something fashionable while you travel!  The times I am at the airport, I’m always paying attention to the fashion statements from both men, women, and children.

December 5th, 2016

Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show review

1995, Plaza Hotel in New York City marks the very first Victoria’s Secret show event to ever take place. At that time, there was no broadcast and it was originally an event to promote the brand just before Valentine’s Day. After technology development, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has went from webcast, to a national broadcast special event during the Christmas holiday season. You can recall the famous lingerie models who have now given up their wings; Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Rebecca Romijn, Naomi Cambell, and Claudia Schiffer. Now, during the 2000’s brings you new angles of; Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, Devon Windsor, and many more. Not to exclude out-of course Kendall Jenner who is making her 2nd appearance down the catwalk. 51 gorgeous women walk down the runway this year.

For the very first time, Paris, France held the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Grand Palais on November 30th. With very little time for video editing, the show aired on December 5th on CBS. Special musical guests include: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and The Weekend.

jasmine-tookesWith 700 hours in the making, this year’s Fantasy Bra, which is valued up to $3,000,000, was modeled by Jasmine Tookes. Yes, 9,000 gemstones created by Eddie Borgo and The House of AW Mouzannar.

I said it earlier this year in a previous fashion blog, mixing bold and different prints is a go! You can toss the old phrase “can’t mix stripes with poka-dots” out the window. The key is to learn how to mix, match, and wear it without looking as if you got changed in the dark. A wide variety of colors and patterns were displayed this year. I must say different, but I like it! Some costumes in runs 1 & 2 to me seemed more cultural.

gigi-hadid1Did you catch it?! Gigi Hadid’s wardrobe malfunction? In case you didn’t, one of the straps on her outfit snapped during her walk. Other reports made a huge deal about it, but it really wasn’t anything to worry about. It’s fine-no nipples showed on national television-everyone can calm down, ok. You can see the strap broke in the photo I have posted in my review. There is always something that doesn’t go right during a live show-must carry on. #HighFiveGiGi

Granted the word is already out, did you notice Irina Shayk’s baby bump? Even though some of the outfits she wore on the runway only half covered it up. Interesting as it is, sources from the event claim no one knew backstage. How can you not know a female is pregnant? I can sure see it on the runway and even in the photo that was released of Irina in her after party dress. Still, she looked great walking down the runway and must say it was really cool to see a beautiful pregnant woman walk down the runway in lingerie.

I’m not going to just say this because I love the color black, but the 4th and 5th run was one of my favorites! The outfits worn by Taylor Hill and Cindy Bruna are my top two picks from this one!  Also, I totally fell in love with Lady Gaga’s song “John Wayne!”

Bruno Mars did amazing as always!  He, who I like to call “little Michael Jackson”has energy when he is on stage performing. I would love to see him back on stage next year!  The Weekend, not so much!  Had a great performance at last years show, this year-you couldn’t understand what he was singing. Lady GaGa wore the same 20” boots in both outfits-not sure why. Her first performance was boring, 2nd performance she rocked it!  Her walk off the runway was not needed and got very sloppy at the very end.  Whats with her grabbing the guitar at center stage?  That was a ridiculous move and confusing.

Not sure who did the video shooting and editing, I felt as if there was so much jumping around between models and their outfits.  Was hard to really look at the outfits-granted there are photos anyone can pull from the show online now. The video editing for the show was horrible, just horrible!  I would rather see the show vs extras about models in between runs.

I enjoy seeing behind the scene footage backstage.  It is exactly how it is, rush, making sure everything looks great before the model goes on stage, getting props ready, improving/going to plan “B” if something goes wrong, getting the models in order…etc.  Crazy madness backstage, but I love it!  It is one of my favorite jobs to do is being backstage working at a fashion show. Not a lot of people understand and get to see what it is like backstage and what goes into a fashion show so I’m glad this portion airs on national television.

Victoria’s Secret line Pink I would have to call it my least favorite. There was absolutely nothing interesting to watch about this run. I found myself more so poking fun at this one than anything else. There was just too much going on in this and too much to talk about. Any more stuffed pink dogs that Dilone had strapped to her and carrying, not sure if you can tell who the model is. You know how people toilet paper trees…looks like the new fun is to toilet paper models!   I can’t be the only person who was thinking this. Lets turn it around even more shall we and put 2 together! Since toilet-papering trees is done by mostly teenagers and teenagers are the ones who normally shop at the Pink line, teenagers can just toilet paper themselves and wear it to school! Ladies don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper in the restrooms then. Victoria must not keep it a secret any longer that they want this to be the new fashion in high school. Sorry Brooke and Camille-though these outfits were just horrid!  Socks and heels at the same time and I thought wearing pajama pants in public was ridiculous.

Like year after year, the most special event brings more interest and new fashions, some not so cool to the runway and retail. A lot of people question-why all the wings, costumes, crazy fashions, and the glitz and glamour vs normal lingerie? I can’t imagine watching a runway show every year being fun with the same lingerie you can see in everyday life at Target. Time after time, I never knew what it was or is. Has she ever answered it yet, “What is Victoria’s Secret?”

If you want to see all the behind the scene footage and photos of this years show, check out

Victoria’s Secret-looking forward to 2017’s show already!

October 12th, 2016

This whole makeup contouring thing…

So the contouring makeup technique is literally all over the place on social media and it’s not going away.  Lets talk shall we?  I see a lot of these posts more so on Instagram.  Yes, its cool to do, if it is done natural.  When all that makeup is caked onto the face-this is when a person starts to look fake and overly done.  There is beyond too much makeup put on-for some it is on a daily basis that no one is letting their skin breathe. Keep in mind-makeup/dirt/grease will clog up pores.

With this being said-skin will age quicker. Everyone always starts to complain about wrinkles around 40 years of age. Though I always wonder why some don’t keep their skin healthy and use skin/facial treatments?  Easy tasks that should be done on a daily basis for both ladies and guys.  Cleansing face morning and night and using facial masks that should be done at least 2-3 times a week. The phrase, “I don’t have time to do this” is not an excuse!  Put a facial mask on for 1 hour while doing homework, laundry, watching your favorite television show and or movie. I always say to start using anti-aging creams at 25.  Helping prevent the skin aging rather than doing it when you already have skin that aged with wrinkles.

Back to this contouring thing…if your going to do it, don’t cake it on and make yourself look like a clown.  These makeup beauty blender sponges are a waste of money as well.  Works the same way if you buy a 20 pack of regular makeup sponges at Walgreens.

incorrect way
correct way

September 12th, 2016

Do you own a suit?

Good question aye?  Now, when I say suit, I mean a suit that fits well, looks presentable and professional.  Key color to stick with is black.  I know there are brown and gray suites to purchase, though if you think of it, you can wear more with black than any other color/shade out there.

Find a suit jacket that you can easily put a pen, cell phone, business card in without having it fall out of the pockets when there is movement (this means no diagonal pockets on the jacket). You may not find the same brand of clothing that fits or at the same store.  Just make sure the colors of the fabric match from the jacket to the pants as there are different fabrics and color shades out there.

Now that you have read this, check your closet and jot this down in your to-do list.

July 26th, 2016

The Simple Men’s Plain-T

“You got that James Dean day-dream look in your eye…” You got that plain-t destiny look in your closet!  It’s the most simplicity, yet the style can take you anywhere-from casual to dressy.  The simple plain t-shirt is every guys must have must need in their own wardrobe.

Couple key things to keep in mind…no a long t-shirt, more like a long t-shirt dress for guys is a no.  Sorry, but Mr. Kayne West doesn’t always get it right. Oversized is also a don’t.

My favorite: dark plain t-shirt (black, navy blue, or dark gray), black dress pants, black belt, black dress shoes. K.I.S.S. it! (Keep it short & simple). Best place to shop for good quality yet decent price: H&M.

July 7th, 2016

Big/Oversized/Chunky Necklaces

Yes, the very oversized necklaces are starting to pop up in fashion photos as well as in retail stores.  Keep in mind not to over-do the wardrobe.  K.I.S.S. it!  Keep It Short & Simple! Find the oversized necklaces at these retailers: Express, BonTon, Macys, Nordstrom, Charming Charlie, Aldo Accessories, and Akira.

Here are some of my favorite picks that I grabbed off of Pinterest:

June 17th, 2016


Not new, but a growing fashion retail company…Akira. Based out of Chicago, IL, Akira just opened up a store at Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield, WI. If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, Jenners, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, and BCBG-then you will fall in love with this store. Showcasing over 200 name brands including accessories, shoes, lingerie, bodysuit, pants, shirts, and sexy casual clothing.

I had a chance to scope out and shop inside recently at Akira-definately one of my newest inspirations and favorite stores! Retail stores such as: Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe had changed their view on fashion over the years and showcased more of a “trying to hard/ghetto” type style. Once one garment/style becomes popular-then every retail store has to carry it. Gets hard when shoppers are looking for other styles, yet they walk into every store and see the exact same thing. Akira has more of a fashion edge and can’t find the same styles/garments in other retail stores.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

April 6th, 2016


Yes, Pacific Sunwear (PacSun) reportedly is ready to file the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. I’m sure we saw this coming, because I sure did. I’ve always remembered the retail store inspired by the surf & skateboarding gear; brands of: Billabong, Burton, Dickies, and Quiksilver and many more in the late 90’s. In the last few years, the retail store took a turn and collaborated with Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Kayne West, and Fear of God. We all know that the Jenner girls do not match up to the surf/skateboarding image that the store was once before and known as. I do love them, yes; but their Kardashian sisters line Kardashian Collection as Sears failed after a couple of years it launched. Sears is not a fashionable retail store anymore as it was years ago. Sears is also undergoing loss before the Kardashian’s entered. The female line at PacSun can pretty much be purchased at retail stores of: Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal.

If any of you have walked by, walked in 10ft and walked back out, or stopped to shop/look around in the store; I’m sure you have noticed the stock of the clothing/accessories/shoes have went from 1,000 to 500. I have personally been in this store and the quality in production is not worth the price.

Most PacSun shops are located in malls, in which does not attract customers as it has in the past. Its 2016, online shopping has spiked and more convenient for shoppers.

Here is the problem and where it will continue, the culture is changing and every designer/retail store has to keep up with the trends and be a competitor rather than be unique. Many retail stores are very similar to what other retail stores offer-which makes it hard for us mall shoppers. Every store that you would walk into carries the exact same trend…high waisted pants/shorts that PacSun does carry. Many females do not have the body type to wear these type of garments and can no longer find low or mid waisted bottoms. Retailers and designers need to get an idea of what their fans are looking and asking for. Change dramatically may lead to loss in sales or maybe even a growth. Dare to try something different-great! Understand the reality of what the future may hold is another perspective.

March 20th, 2016

Boston Store New & Now Fashion Show

Saturday 8:30am-I say yes! Perfect time to attend an astonishing sold out fashion show at BonTon Boston Store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It is the time of the year for the Spring wear collection to be released, and the best way to get a preview of the then and now trends is to attend the event. Style expert and host of the show, Jordan Dechambre, the use of her excellent public speaking skills-will mold you to be inspired and creative. Jai Cherney-an amazing friend of mine, always selects great tunes for the guests to listen to. Private shopping, beauty makeovers, drawings, and shopping passes all included-whats not to love about this?!

The styling and coordinating team has put together over 50 outfits to be shown on the runway. Including looks of: beach wear, 70’s revival of indie/hippie, and casual/glam outfits. To top of the show is a finale of glamour dresses-some leaving you feel like you need to purchase the next “The Great Gatsby” wear. “So White” has to be my top favorite scene in the Spring fashion show. I happen to be very inspired by the collections shown in the scene and loved every single outfit-I cannot say that very often. A mix of floral, plain, stripes & poka dots were displayed. With some collections, all prints were shown together. The guests sitting behind me during the show apparently didn’t care for the idea. I however, learned how to piece together different garments that says yes, you can mix different patterns and prints together. I guess some people are afraid of change and won’t move on. Mixing different patterns/prints together used to be a rule, not any more-its 2016!

For those who missed this excellent event or a reader/interest of my fashion/beauty blogs, I have taken photos of some of my favorite outfits from the New and Now Fashion Show that was held this morning at Boston Store.

Boston Store is currently promoting the Goodwill sale now up until next week Saturday March 26th. Receive a coupon for each clothing item you donate to Goodwill. Keep in mind the coupons are good to use for the cosmetic/fragrance department as the items never go on sale.