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FeedingFrenzy coverIt is October-Halloween is just around the corner. For those who enjoy monster puppet/comedy/horror films, watch Feeding Frenzy!

That pillow fight scene I did in lingerie was the best moment ever! Those feathers I tell ya.  I had a lot of fun working with Jay and Mike of Redletter Media.

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Just want to give a quick shot out to all my followers and beyond. Current times are hard on everyone. It is extremely important that we all stand together, help, volunteer, and support. Educate yourself, take action, and keep ALL communities SAFE & CLEAN.

Every bit matters.

xoxo KLS

Borak Entertainment presents the first ever Borak Fashion Show. Showcasing various collections of 6 local designers as well as Latin Dance night.

Saturday May 11th, 2019

Borak Entertainment
1919 12th Ave
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172

Fashion show: 7pm-9pm
Music by: DJ Rick
Dance Lesson: TBA

Tickets are:
$25 per person at the door
$20 advanced booking
$15 members


Any hair/makeup artists interested in working this event-please Keri Lynn SanFelippo email: keri@kerilynnsanfelippo.com subject line: Borak MUA
Please note: There is no compensation for working this event.