About KLS

Stripped down to my bare inner-self. Me being true to who I am as a person. I’m fully alive, more then most. Stripped, vanity, and here to stay.


Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With an interest in entertainment in 2002 and emerging into the scene in 2005, I now work as a fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion coordinator, model, modeling instructor, actor, and talent booker.

Working freelance and taking control over my career has introduced me to a large cliental list and amount of followers on social networking sites. Today, I am still working in a fast pace work environment and carrying on many roles in the industry. Everything from instructing people of all ages into modeling and acting, to managing my own career in the entertainment and fashion world.

Introduced in 2005 when I was a senior in high school, I began taking a 6 month educational program at John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center in Brookfield, WI for modeling and acting. Going through the program was an easier and a quicker way to get my foot in the door and to learn about the industry. Still to this day, it was the best experience and decision I have made for myself. While I as in high school, I continued my interest and designed my own logo of using my initials KLS (Keri Lynn SanFelippo) that I have used for my career in entertainment. Later, I decided to trademark my logo under the USPTO. In fall of 2005, I enrolled in college at Mount Mary for Apparel Design and Development and transferred to a couple other colleges after that with the same major. During college, I was working in retail for experience in the fashion field and started getting booked and booking my own modeling jobs. In 2007, I signed on as a modeling instructor as well as a few other positions at John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center. During the Summer of 2006, I booked one of my first biggest modeling jobs as a Milwaukee Mile Grid Girls for the Milwaukee Mile. Since 2005 and still today, I have been working for more then a few jobs at the same time while attending school-which was not an easy task.

Furthering my experience in my career, I was modeling for advertisements such as Decibel nightclub, Casablanca restaurant, and the Cutting Station salon. Played the role as a Zombie Doll “Zoey Macrabe” at Zombie Con X Horror Movie convention in Milwaukee. Working backstage as and assistant, coordinator, and dresser for fashion shows in the Milwaukee and Chicago area. Designed and constructed 1930’s flapper dresses for models for “Puttin on the Ritz” New Years Eve event at Potawatomi Bingo Casino. Featured as an extra in 2 independent films of “Spade County Massacre” and “Feeding Frenzy.” In 2011, I continued to model for varies of liquor brands and acted in Red Letter Media’s film reviews. In Fall on 2011, I was a model in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s biggest fashion show called RunUp to Runway where I had modeled for local designer Judi Rath and from Bravo’s Project Runway show Ramon Lawrence. I had assisted, backstage and centerstage coordinated twice The Wedding Show in Green Bay, Wisconsin for a wedding expo. In January of 2012, I was signed and contracted as a Jagermeister girl with one of the top and well compensated promotional model companies All State Promotions. I expanded my resume and started hosting/filming events such as Hal’s Harley Davidson-Hal-a-palooza event. Summer of 2012 I was a model for 95 WIIL Rock radio station at WIIL Rock Fest. The list goes on and so forth.

While my career continues to grow and with more competition emerging or have been present for a while, I never look at the industry as a race for the biggest/best booking.  I am the person that loves working with talented people whether it is; fashion designers, stylist, choreographers, models, photographers, directors..etc. We are all in it because we love it, have a passion, and are really good at what we do. Working with other professionals is how we learn to grow and become more knowledgeable in the industry.  I am always down for collaboration with others in the same profession as myself and will always be willing to assist in any way I can.

I enjoy keeping myself insanely busy. During any free time that I can swing into my schedule, I attend music festivals, concerts, and entertainment events, beach for some r&r time. I have a big heart for the rock n’ roll/metal/pop music. Summertime in Milwaukee is my absolute favorite time of the year! I am never the person to find sitting on the couch watching television, instead I am at the gym. I am a true believer that all television sets should be broken.  My MacBook Pro and iPhone are my life-I am on it 24/7 due to my career in which I manage. I personally don’t have a set fashion style of my own. My own style can go from cozy/comfort, casual, rock n’ roll, lingerie, and upscale fashion diva with heels and Guess sunglasses! My closet and dresser drawers are color coordinated by sections of garments.  I have a huge lingerie, parfume, and purse collection. I enjoy reading autobiographies of musicians/bands. I have been a vegetarian/pescetarian for over 10 years now. I am OCD. I am an independant woman.  I love going out to eat at resturants by myself.  No one will ever find me in the kitchen cooking/baking.

Currently today, after exactly 10 years of teaching modeling & acting at John Casablancas, I have made a hard decision and resigned in April 2017.   I will use the extra time to stay focused and to do more bookings in my career of fashion, modeling, and entertainment as it was hard to book and balance while teaching. I am also keeping my options open for relocation out of the state for an opportunity that may come my way in the near future.