For booking and general inquiries, email me at:  Statement of Work is mandatory to be signed by client upon booking confirmation with invoice to follow.

Model/Talent (Men, Women, Teens, and Children) Booking:

  • Runway
  • Promotional
  • Commercial
  • Hosting
  • Photoshoots
  • Extras
  • Parts
  • Figure
  • Mannequin/Freeze

Fashion Services:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Shows/Events
  • Fashion-Focused Television
  • Fashion Show Choreographer

Wardrobe Styling:

  • Photoshoots
  • Film/Video Shoot
  • Personal Consulting/Shopping

Seminar/Coaching/Public Speaking:

Offers instruction and guidance that can be used to build a career and or open doors to modeling.   This is not an employment agency, modeling agency, management, and or performing arts academy.  This does not engage in promising or attempting employment for clients.  Each session below is active and a minimum of 2 hours.  Depending on number of participants, this may exceed the 2-hour minimum.  Necessary materials will be required and provided by the client-this will be discussed upon consultation and in Statement of Work.  

  • Posing
  • Runway 
  • Acting 101
  • Beauty (makeup application) 
  • Promotional/Brand Ambassador Modeling
  • Talent Resume/Cover Letter (computer or tablet access required)
  • Industry Terms/Markets/Careers/Social Media
  • Confidence Building
  • Photoshoot (industry professional photographer)


This is a table top discussion and or public speaking event which offers guidance in assembling events (pre-production, production, and post production).  Each session below is specified with minimum of hour(s).  Depending on number of participants and scale of event, this may exceed the specified minimum of hour(s).

  • Fashion Shows (organization and preparation 2hr minimum)
  • Modeling Event/Booking (organization and preparation 1hr minimum)